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    The Keepers
    The Endless
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    We are the keepers, the ardent observers of the unbound and untamed. We are the resonating harmony of veins and vines within the solace of stone, implanting seeds for growth across the canopies of reflective formations. We are the sunlit aftermath of evergreen and ochre imprints – enthralled and thrust toward the infinite gaze of everlasting life.
    We are earth.
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    Fran Saycon (@fsaycondev) - Fullstack / Web3 Dev & Architect. Founder & Director @ http://reactjs.org.ph/. FT Engineering Manager || PA/EZU NFT Dev. DM me for dev consultations/work! I leave hidden signatures like these for the sites I make. I handle the whole frontend for this one; Visit my blog. https://fsaycon.dev. Do drop a follow! :D