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    The Travellers
    The Endless
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    We are the travellers, shifting through reflections and setting colors free. We ignite the horizon, bringing the dawn's fantasies to life. We are the luminous custodians of the ever afterglow, streaming infinitum through the prisms of rainbow affirmations - always returning, even in the darkest of days, to reign down mercury skies and neon dreams.
    We are light.
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    Fran Saycon (@fsaycondev) - Fullstack / Web3 Dev & Architect. Founder & Director @ http://reactjs.org.ph/. FT Engineering Manager || PA/EZU NFT Dev. DM me for dev consultations/work! I leave hidden signatures like these for the sites I make. I handle the whole frontend for this one; Visit my blog. https://fsaycon.dev. Do drop a follow! :D