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    The Pathmakers
    The Endless
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    We are the pathmakers, conjuring the echoes of tomorrow's revelations. We are the liquescent collapse of submerged stasis, flowing through collisions of clustered conundrums. We are the luminescent glow beneath the whirlwind depths of omen and outcry – revealing dimensions in rushing rivulets and binding lifecycles to the endless rhythm of the tides.
    We are liquid.
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    Fran Saycon (@fsaycondev) - Fullstack / Web3 Dev & Architect. Founder & Director @ http://reactjs.org.ph/. FT Engineering Manager || PA/EZU NFT Dev. DM me for dev consultations/work! I leave hidden signatures like these for the sites I make. I handle the whole frontend for this one; Visit my blog. https://fsaycon.dev. Do drop a follow! :D