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    The Changelings
    The Endless
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    We are the changelings, the constant convergence of alternating projections. We are the epoch to the beginning and the prelude to the end. We are the inhalation of whispered pathways and the exhalation of pretence and hesitation - licking fire and swallowing moons, we reach into the eternity of chameleon mirrors to part the never-ending twilight.
    We are vapor.
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    Fran Saycon (@fsaycondev) - Fullstack / Web3 Dev & Architect. Founder & Director @ http://reactjs.org.ph/. FT Engineering Manager || PA/EZU NFT Dev. DM me for dev consultations/work! I leave hidden signatures like these for the sites I make. I handle the whole frontend for this one; Visit my blog. https://fsaycon.dev. Do drop a follow! :D