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    The Endless

    We have always been with you.

    We are the source for spring and the fall - the living equilibrium that nourishes, heals, and empowers all things. We move in echoes and speak in the hushed voices of vibration, ever-changing with the eternal seasons.

    We are life.

    We are fluid, we are fluorescent.
    We are forest, we are flame.

    We are timeless.

    We are the arcane syllables upholding the geometric unity in the symmetry of life – effervescent & serene oracle guardians presiding over the rollercoaster tapestry of lifetimes.

    We are the reflection of our true selves.

    We are you.

    Fran Saycon (@fsaycondev) - Fullstack / Web3 Dev & Architect. Founder & Director @ http://reactjs.org.ph/. FT Engineering Manager || PA/EZU NFT Dev. DM me for dev consultations/work! I leave hidden signatures like these for the sites I make. I handle the whole frontend for this one; Visit my blog. https://fsaycon.dev. Do drop a follow! :D